Indian Institute of Science
A joint initiative with the Ministry of MSME, Government of India
In search of Excellence in Innovation

Our Objective

The main focus of this Centre is to support MSMEs to become competitive by introducing innovative products/processes which may be really ‘new-in-the-market’ or ‘innovative replacements’ for existing products/processes. The aforesaid support process is being attempted in the following ways

  • Developing technologically-new products/processes as requested by MSMEs
  • Commercialising readymade technologies, developed by IISc, Bangalore &/or CSIR Laboratories, through MSMEs
  • By networking with MSMEs for developing
    1. Final year engineering students’ innovative projects
    2. Innovative projects supported under the Ministry’s Business Incubator Scheme
    3. Innovative projects under any reputed ‘Technology & Technology Business Incubators’
  • Any new innovative idea duly recommended by any of the following
    1. Directors of MSME Development Institutes
    2. CEOs of autonomous bodies, Tool Rooms, etc. under the Office of the DC (MSME) / Ministry of MSME
    3. Heads of reputed Technology Incubators, Technology-Business Incubators, Business Incubators, Technology and Engineering Colleges/Institutes, etc.
  • We also conduct awareness programs. The programme encourages students, especially in engineering, technology and other professional courses, to take up entrepreneurship, either by innovating existing products/processes or by designing and developing newer products/processes. It also helps students ‘network’ with MSMEs for possible innovations, especially in import-substitution areas. To conduct a 1-day Design Awareness Programme &/or 2-day Design Workshop Programme in your institution, refer the following document. View Document