Indian Institute of Science
A joint initiative with the Ministry of MSME, Government of India
In search of Excellence in Innovation

Expectations From MSMEs

  • Proposers must submit their ‘ideas’ through a ‘Concept Note’ which shall invariably be supported by research done (along with data) by them leading to the proposed idea.
  • This Concept Note must be crisp and informative and must establish its innovativeness, including its potential patentability.
  • IISc does not support any proposal which involves reverse-engineering / duplication of design for import substitution, etc.
  • The proposer must be ready to get “hard assessed” by way of one-to-one discussions with IISc faculty.
  • The IISc-Bangalore will only assist (not substitute) the proposer in mentoring, guiding him throughout the development process, during review meetings, in any activity. The proposer must take all the responsibility in all the activities
  • The proposer must share the cost of development which normally will be around 40% to 50%.
  • This Centre reserves its right to accept or reject any concept/idea/proposal, if it finds that the concept is not innovation-worthy.
  • The decision of the competent authority at IISc, Bangalore &/or Ministry of MSME, Govt of India will be final and binding on all concerned.